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An exploration into the world or the quasi-real, demi-real, semi-real, pseudo-real, and really real world of interplanterary pioneer, Gilbert Grange.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Names and Years

Pud Galvin (1880,1884), Dupee Shaw (1885), Bumpus Jones (1892), Noodles Hahn (1900), Nixey Callahan (1902), Chich Fraser (1903), Stoney McGlynn (1906), Big jeff Pfeffer (1907), Nap Rucker (1908), Chief Bender (1910), King Cole (1910), Hippo Vaughn (1917), Dazzy Vance (1925), Bobo Holloman (1953), Gaylor Perry (1968), Vida Blue (1970).

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Sickness

The Sickness is an intangible. It is everywhere, on every street corner, bus stop, and television. It surges through the wires atop the pole. It builds and builds and builds. It is growing much faster than it can be cured. You can only avoid it if you can recognize it, but many can not. Has it always been around or was it cultivated by western culture? Is it an inherent part of human DNA or is a learned thing? Will it be the cause of our ultimate demise?

This Place

I thought I had finally figured this place out. I thought that I was begining to understand the earth people. Then I thought I had totally lost my grasp of reality, only to remember that reality is all relative and it's really my own. How many other people live in a reality that resembles mine? Is my reality far enough from the "norm" to be considered insanity? Sometimes when comparing myself to the earth people I think that this maybe true, but when I take into account that I come from a different planet the paranoia and sickness begins to fade away.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Smokey, The Kitty of Cats

A funny little kitten lives in my neighborhood. He is gray and looks like smoke, so I have most boringly dubbed him "Smokey". He is a very nice little cat. I feed him hotdogs because he seems to be very hungry and no one cares for him. When I sit on the couch outside, he jumps up next me and I pet him. I can communicate with him through my mind. I can feel it in my forehead when we are psychically connected. When he is fully grown I plan to get him baked and change is name to "Stoney". He is kind of the color of a stone as well.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Five Fitty Five

Everything cost $XX.99. Nothing costs $5.55. That seems like it should be the most common sense price of any. If I opened a Five Fitty Five store would you come visit and buy some cool stuff. I would have like boxes of pineapples and the blood of virgins. It would be great.

I'm so bored.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bugs of the Enchanted Forest

I like earth bugs. I hiked up a mountain in an enchanted forest this past weekend and saw a lot of bugs. At the top I lied on the floor and all the bugs were crawling on me and it was awesome. They weren't the bity kind of bugs, just friendly little ones that wanted to say hello.

Why do bugs scare human people? They are so small and generally nice creatures. Only a very small fraction are dangerous or malicious, but even the benevolent ones scare and upset most people. Is it because people don't understand what the bugs are doing or thinking while they are crawling on their skin?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good Riddance

The Bike of Doom (and it's also from Hell) is finally gone. Someone stole it again and this time no one found and brought it back. Silly earthlings steal bikes that don't even have working brakes. I love it.

It's hot out today so the whole town smells like delicious cow pies. The wind keeps blowing it in the front door of the library so now the first floor of the library stinks to. It's delightful indeed.

The lesser of two evils?
Hot, sweaty apartment vs. Cool, air-conditioned, stinky cow pie library?

This is normally would be a tough one, but hot sweaty apartment wins it hands down because if I was there I could be watching the Yankees game in which they have overcome a 10-1 deficit to be currently leading, oh damnit I just checked again and they are losing again, 12-11. Well aparment still wins because I gotta good feeling about this game. Prediction: Yanks in 14, score 19-18. Although, back at the apartment there are no girls in summer clothes hangin' around, and I don't get paid to be there either. Final judgement: neither. I'd much rather be lounging in the sun in the park, tossing the frisbee, and watching the bikini girls play volleyball and sunbath.

Tune in next time for more exciting, and in depth comparisons of the places I would rather be, featuring such destinations as Anytown, USA in the 1980s, Davy Jones' Locker, and In the Hall of the Mountain King.

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